Daniele Tedeschi

Daniele, with his beard and glasses, is the mastermind behind all the photographs for Naufragili's stories and the composer of the soundtracks for the audio tales. His creativity serves as a wellspring of inspiration for the Naufragili narratives.

He enjoys both ear-splitting rock music and the soothing melodies of classical and opera... how he reconciles these genres remains a mystery known only to him. With a backlog of photographs and musical compositions still waiting to be brought to life, he envisions keeping himself occupied for the next 10 years and beyond. Daniele speaks with a calm demeanor, as if time knows no bounds, and his meticulous attention to detail borders on obsession. He has a fondness for curry, vanilla, and the literary works of Baricco.

“If you’re wondering how long it takes to write a melody for Naufragili… I could tell you: a lifetime.”

Daniela Maschi

Daniela writes the stories and narratives.

She is also responsible for styling and designing clothes for the photoshoot sets, and enjoys sourcing props from the cellar and flea markets, gravitating towards items with a touch of imperfection that she can repurpose in Naufragili's tales.

She loves autumn, hot tea in winter, cinnamon, collects oxymorons, underlines books but strictly with a pencil. She adores brevity, thinks in cliff notes.

Her restless spirit finds solace in the pages of Pessoa's "The Book of Disquiet," a book she has revisited countless times, perhaps why she is always restless and never quite finds her place in the world. She enjoys road trips and hopes to always get lost to discover something new and unexpected.

She is searching for her secret garden but hasn't found it yet.

“All that there is to say about me could fit inside a small notebook. That’s where I wrote it, then somehow forgot it, perhaps under a tree…”